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A lovely Harvest Celebration Service

 Thank you to all who came along to share in our Harvest Service on Monday 5th October.

Our theme was 'Thankfulness', and children from all classes contributed thoughtful ideas in church. We had Reception singing, Y1 and Y2 presenting a drama of Moses crossing the Red Sea, then singing a song of thanks akin to the celebrations of God's people back in Deuteronomy; Y3 and Y4 presented words for 'thank you' in many different languages, and Y5 and Y6 shared thought-provoking poetry they have written about Harvest and Autumn.

We also shared the results of an undercover Worship Committee 'thank you' challenge I had given the children - we learned that they had each managed to say 'thank you' around 13 or 14 times in a day, and succeeded in receiving 15 or more thank yous the next day. Grace said 'thank you' the most, because she chose her birthday as the day she would do the challenge! And she achieved a massive 35 thank yous!

Rev Chrissy ended the service with her thoughts on the work and preparation that goes into Harvest, and how wonderful it is to show our gratitude for this through Harvest celebrations. She also talked about the plans God has for our lives as we grow up and work towards our futures - and the importance of being a thankful people for all the opportunities and support we have as we grow and develop.

It was a lovely occasion, with superb singing and a real air of celebration. Thank you again to all who were able to come and join in our worship.

I will publish the Y5/6 poetry and photos from the service in the next Hampsthwaite Update newsletter.