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Vision and Values

Hampsthwaite Primary School


..... learning and growing together with every individual developing their skills, interests and talents, each contributing to the whole in their own creative way.


The values and aims of Hampsthwaite School are built firmly on Christian beliefs and principles, embodied not only in our heritage as a Church School but also in our everyday interactions and activities. It is through the support we give to each other that we build up respect, friendship and effective teamwork. We put children's enjoyment and achievement at the centre of everything we do, working with creativity to develop imagination and skills in an exciting yet challenging way.



Our school is like a living growing tree, where we are all connected together and dependent on each other, with a common core (trunk) and individuals' creative expression (branches) growing out of this.

We want all our children to have a strong common core of knowledge, skills, learning and attitudes from which they can build their own individual interests, creative ideas and personal strengths. We aim to enable all children to thrive so that they can grow in confidence and ability. We want all children to learn to support and value one another and the world they live in, and to be bold to make a difference for their own and our shared future.



Our school Christian values are central to what we do, and these enable us to achieve our vision.

The values of Friendship and Support are what we use to build our common core. Creativity helps us bring together what each individual can offer; Belief is what drives us forward as we consider our future and what inspires our thinking and confidence. Respect enables us to function effectively together so that we can understand that all people are different yet equally valued and each has a part to play and a right to be included in all we do.

School Ethos
Our school is continually alive and responsive to the changing needs of the pupils and community. The Christian ethos recognises and preserves the school’s religious character, is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all, regardless of background, race, gender, religion or disability, in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.
Hampsthwaite is a welcoming community where individual qualities are nurtured in a safe and caring environment. Through cooperation and a progressive, enthusiastic and adventurous approach to education, we ensure that children are equipped with the life and academic skills necessary for living within a fast changing, multi-cultural society.
Hampsthwaite C of E Primary School is a happy family, with a welcome extended to all.