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Hampsthwaite Primary School – Design Technology Vision


At Hampsthwaite Primary School Design Technology is a subject that allows children to be creative, show self-expression, develop techniques and create innovative designs. Children have the opportunity to use a variety of materials, develop motor skills and learn new processes to develop products fit for purpose. We encourage children to persevere, believe in their abilities and use time and effort to ensure that they learn from setbacks and still develop new designs as well as supporting others in their creativity. Children are also encouraged to consider and respect other’s needs, wants and values to develop high-quality designs that inspires innovation and ideas for the future. It allows children to appreciate inventions and develop understanding of how things work as well as teaching life skills like cooking. Children acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, computing and arts to create, take risks and use skills to ensure their designs are fit for purpose.


Visit our 3i pages to learn more about our intent, implementation and impact of DT across school.