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Hampsthwaite Primary School - Art vision


At Hampsthwaite Primary School, we ensure children’s experiences of art are rich, diverse and process-driven.  We try to instil in children a sense of awe and wonder when viewing art which is made by the human hand, inspired by nature and in their own work.  Art is to be seen as a process, not an end-product and every attempt at creativity is valued with no focus on ‘perfection’.  Children should be allowed to explore the limits of their creativity by ‘having a go’ and embracing their ‘mistakes’ as a great learning opportunity.  Open-mindedness to different art styles and techniques across the ages and cultures is encouraged.  Art is an opportunity to be mindful of oneself and to lose oneself in the creative process.  Art for art’s sake is vital for the health and well-being of everybody and so children should be given the opportunity to play and explore artistically not only to enrich other areas of the curriculum but for their mental and emotional health.


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